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Our Females

The wonderful Molly

The wonderful Molly is a sweet, calm, laid back apricot Clumberdoodle. Molly loves children and other dogs and spends hours playing and cuddling with anybody who takes the time. She is a proper ‘nanny’ dog and is always on hand to help out her clan members with puppy rearing if they wish. Molly has had the relevant BVA eye checks and is PRA clear. Molly is also EIC clear through her Clumber Spaniel mother.


The beautiful Betty

Betty is also an extremely loving girl. She has the endearing habit of cuddling your lower legs like a koala to get your attention, and it certainly works! She isn’t the cleverest girl but her adorable and biddable personality certainly make up for this. Betty has excellent hip-scores and has had the relevant BVA eye checks, being PRA clear.


The lovely Lilly

What a character our sweet little Lilly is. Lilly is very affectionate and highly intelligent. She has sass and bounces around eagerly to greet you, but it also extremely biddable and well behaved. She puts up with no nonsense from the bigger dogs when they become too boisterous! Lilly is both PRA clear and clear of EIC through her Clumber Spaniel mother.


What a bundle of fun... Wilma

Clumber Spaniel Wilma is always ever eager to please and loves to bring you presents, whether it be her favourite toy or your slippers. Wilma is a very greedy girl and we often find her sniffing out edibles – and non-edibles – in places she isn’t necessarily supposed to be. She has a very warm and welcoming personality and all the other dogs love her dearly too.

Our Girls: Females

The Stud Males

The stud boys that we use are not owned by ourselves as our girls do need downtime

and an easy life in between breeding. The presence of male dogs would certainly hinder this!

We use proven and healthy boys owned by compassionate and caring owners.


Clumber Spaniel Frank who we have previously put to one of our Clumberdoodle girls to produce 3/4 Clumber

1/4 Poodle pups is a really handsome, friendly chap. He has excellent hip scores and is free of EIC.


Miniature Poodle Jasper is a happy and clever boy who knows his job very well. The girls love going to visit him as he is such a gentleman. Teddy has undergone BVA eye tests and is PRA clear.

Our Girls: Adoption
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