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The Grooming Range

Sleepy Hollow Clumberdoodles offers a range of grooming products to its customers, which have been tried, tested and approved on our own dogs. On visiting us, our products can be bought individually or as a package. They are priced individually at £9.99 and as a six-piece package for £49.99. 

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Sleepy Hollow Oatmeal ad Aloe Vera Mutt Shampoo

This fragrance free product has gentle cleansing and easy rinsing properties to minimise potential irritation and ease itchy or irritated skin.

Sleepy Hollow Mutt Calming and Relaxing Spray

This grooming spray contains naturally derived conditioners, including Wheat Protein, to give a softer coat. Infused with calming Lavender Oil t promotes calm in dogs who may become anxious or stressed.

Sleepy Hollow Mutt 
Detangling Spray

This spray allows knots and tangles to be easily removed. Vitamins and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein improve coat shine, softness and manageability.


Sleepy Hollow Mutt Earwash

This fragrance free ear wash has been especially developed to safely remove wax and debris from the ear to ease itching, head shaking and bad odours, therefore maintaining hygiene of the ear area. It contains naturally derived cleansing ingredients including Aloa Vera and Chamomile extracts.

Sleepy Hollow Mutt
Tear Stain Remover

Dirt and grime can build up around the eye area from tears and discharge which can  over time form stubborn staining, especially visible on white r light coloured coats, as well as curly coated breeds. This Eucalyptus based product contains gentle cleansers to remove staining and maintain a stain free appearance.

Sleepy Hollow Nose
and Paw Balm

This antioxidant balm does not contain essential oils, making it suitable for use on noses and paws The formula contains Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter to moisturise and promote natural healing, and Blackcurrant, Cranberry, Raspberry and Tamanu Oil for rich conditioning.

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The Grooming Bowl

We also offer our own range of naturally inspired hand-crafted ceramic bowls in which to keep your products. Natural materials from beach-combing and moorland and woodland adventures are used in their creation. These bespoke and commissioned pieces are priced between £159 and £259. Please see below for images and get in touch via email if you have something in mind.

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