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A Bit of Background

Kelly grew up in the West Country, enjoying the dramatic landscapes of Dartmoor and her passion for the natural world and her love of animals was born at an early age.

She fondly recalls a childhood of freedom playing in the countryside with her dogs, cherishing the sights, smells and sounds which were to inspire her future in both animal care and as an artist. 

Kelly has a long standing love of the Clumber Spaniel but was saddened to find that many pedigree dogs were suffering from health issues. For this reason she considered how she could gain a healthier companion for her home. With a son suffering from asthma, and good feedback regarding the nature of the Miniature Poodle, the first Sleepy Hollow Clumberdoodle litter was born, some six years ago.

Kelly was so impressed with the consistency in temperament, health and coat quality of that initial litter, and the feedback she received from owners, that she made the carefully considered decision to produce more of these wonderful and reliable companions for others to enjoy. What started as a hobby turned into a professional breeding plan and Kelly is very proud of the four star licence Sleepy Hollow Clumberdoodles now has.

Kelly has extensive experience with the compassionate care and breeding of dogs which is complimented by the knowledge she gained studying for her grooming diploma. Canine anatomy, general canine health, welfare, disorders and diseases were all covered as well as canine first aid and phycology.

As well as her love for animals, and dogs and horses in particular, Kelly is a ceramic artist. She collects natural materials from beach-combing and woodland adventures, including shells and driftwood thrown up by the sea, and foliage and seed pods produced by plants. Most of her handmade ceramic pieces are inspired by the coast and the textures and organic forms found in nature. She has a BA in 3D Design Crafts which reflects this interest.

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Our Pups' Care

All our pups are well socialised in the home - used to children, other dogs and the joys of a lively household - and are kept up to date with worming and flea control. They are bathed weekly from four weeks of age to aid parasite control and to help prepare them for their first visits to the groomers in their new homes.

On leaving for their new homes pups take with them details of their parent’s breeding, a bag of the puppy food they are used to, a scented blanket for comfort and puppy health advice.

They also receive their first vaccination, a veterinarian health check and microchipping.

Our pups are  exposed to many sights and sounds during their early lives. They are handled daily from birth and from three weeks of age they are visited by friends and family members to get them used to faces other than those of the caregivers. They are also introduced to vaccinated dogs other than their mother to aid early socialisation.

Our pup’s weight, appetite and general health is closely monitored throughout and they are checked by both a veterinarian and veterinary nurse. However we do offer a refund policy which has never been used but does offer peace of mind. If within 7 working days, a new owner’s veterinarian finds any problem which, in their opinion, renders the puppy unfit for sale, the puppy can be returned and a full refund of the full purchase price given.

We make reasonable enquiries about our customers as potential puppy owners and offer families our pups in good faith, believing  that they are able to meet the puppy’s future health and welfare needs. However should a puppy need to be rehomed  at any time we request first refusal in order to ensure the pup is placed in an appropriate home. 

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